If you’ve been following the #OccupyWallStreet events you know the size and number of events continues to grow every day. It’s really exciting to see the energy and visibility the Occupy Wall Street movement is bringing to communities around the country and even world. From speeches, to marches, to the signs individuals have brought with them, core issues that nonprofits work on every day, such as economic inequality, high unemployment and corporate greed are coming to a head.

If your group is ready to organize, DemocracyInAction is ready to help! DemocracyInAction is a nonprofit dedicated to building a strong progressive infrastructure through effective online organizing. They’ve just launched the Occupy Wall Street Empowers Grant!

DIA will award “Salsa” – their organizing platform for nonprofits – to five organizations that demonstrate the ability to effectively organize. The first grant was awarded to Occupy Philly already! The deadline to submit is Tuesday, November 15th.

Grants will waive setup and monthly fees for one year. Groups not selected for an Empowers Grant are eligible for a $500 award towards Salsa.

Get the full details and apply for your grant today!

Empowers Grant for Community Organizing at #OWS from DemocracyInAction
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