The January chat flew by with so many participants sharing so many personal experiences, anecdotes and ideas. Thank you to everyone who joined in, followed along, and shared the archive!

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The conversation in this month’s chat focused on these questions:

  1. What are the best mechanisms for connecting online & offline communities? from @BonnieKoenig
  2. How much communication with your online community is too much? from @ehon
  3. our community has a handful of active posters creating most of the content – how do we encourage quieter members to contribute? from @anotheremma

Some of the highlights for me during our chat were the great, real examples shared of conversation starters and how to encourage new community members to engage. Are you looking for some new ideas to get conversation started with your community? Here are just a few of the ideas shared on the chat yesterday:

Kristy Graves @kg: Great one on Matador Travel’s facebook page, madlibs style: People should do more ____ and less _____.

@sueontheweb: Example of conversation starter: I shared one of my thanksgiving traditions with my cmty and asked members to share their traditions.

Claire Sale: I’ve seen some really great conversation starters by my local animal shelter – when the weather is good they ask “how do you get your pet to go out in the rain” and when the weather is good they ask “what is your favorite local place to take your pet out on a long walk” they also don’t hesitate to ask the same question twice (on two rainy days for instance)… not sure I’ve seen that before.

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January 2011 Community Builder Chat Archive #CommBuild
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