Thanks to the leadership and quick acting of Beth Kanter and Sue Anne Reed, there’s now a petition is up on Care2 focused on the fact that Apple’s iPhone app policy does not allow nonprofits to gather donations via the mobile phone platform. You can also join the conversation on Gizmodo about the same issue, “Why Does Apple Make Donation Apps So Hard?”

As Beth shared in your post:

“I love my iPhone,but I don’t want to support a company that is so nonprofit unfriendly.   Since none of these in-App donation challenges apply to the Android – as soon as my contract is up, I’m getting an Android.     But, since I have a few more months on my contract,  I’ve left a comment on this post asking Apple to reconsider its policy.  If you think having the ability to make in-App donations through iPhones without hefty fees or hassle – please send Steve Jobs a message now by signing this online petition.”

What do you think? Did you sign the petition – why or why not? Would love to hear from you!

Petition Apple to Support Nonprofits
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  • Thanks for posting this. It is a big deal as to what it says about the company and those who support them through buying products. My cell phone contract ends this month as was looking to get a new phone. I was still a bit on the fence between an iphone and android and this issue only deepens concerns I have about Apple as a company with what seems like no philanthropic arm and an every growing focus on control for financial gains gains at the expense of individual choice.

    On a side note thank you as well for introducing me to the care2 petition widget. Had not seen that and love it. Already sharing it.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing and being honest, Ash! When we moved back to the US
      recently, we were without phones or plans. We had already decided a while
      ago to move to a platform that was more nimble, open and reflective of the
      technology atmosphere we think is important and conducive to the nonprofit
      sector. We both have Android phones now and could not be happier – I
      personally think my phone now provides way more functionality and better
      usability than my iPhone ever did! But I’m happy for others to make their
      own decision 🙂

      And yes, the Care2 widgets are great!
      Thanks for sharing the petition,

  • Companies should support non-profits and not make it hard for donors to support these causes. I’m not an expert, but I’ve seen the world of transaction processing being heavily regulated with a strong bias towards avoiding risk (fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, etc). Perhaps Apple is taking a similar stance in trying to avoid risk…or this type of marketplace app steps on a feature/app that they want to implement themselves. Hm, perhaps this type of functionality is too much like a 3rd party app marketplace. All in all, it would be good to get clear reasons why it was banned so that developers, non-profit focused or not, don’t have to waste their time and resources.Also, fancy petition tool! Perhaps there should be an iphone app for this tool too 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for weighing in, Rob! Totally agree with you – where’s the
      transparency? where is the opportunity for developers to actually design and
      build in a way that is worth their time? Great point!

      And yes, the petition tool is totally fancy and pretty – thanks, Care2! Will
      send Sue Anne a ping about the iphone app 😉

  • Thanks Amy for sharing the petition! Been taking Marnie’s thoughts about abundance to heart – and nice that we can put something out and the community comes through — Sue Anne Reed set it up the petition and hopefully Apple will pay attention …..

  • Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will sign the petition!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Amy!

  • Jen Guest

    I signed!

    • Anonymous

      Woohoo – thanks, Jen!

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