I’m here at #KMUK10, also known as the Knowledge Management UK conference. David Wilcox will be spending the day helping show folks understand and get started with various social media tools.  I wanted to share a few notes that struck me from Lee Bryant of headshift out of his opening talk.

From Lee Bryant:

KM = sense making.  We are currently suffering from filter failure; which means the need to help people navigate and work within this world is really huge; we need skilled sense makers!

KM is about helping people make better decisions

KM has a purpose, skills/values/practices related to it have a real purpose today – but why are we not succeeding? why is there not a bigger impact on organizations today?

  • km has dysfunctional relationship with IT
  • km people are not the IT people and the IT people are not part of the KM development process
  • km people need to have more confidence and either find budets or other people with budgets so that they aren’t dependent on IT dept

Where does km sit within in the org? how much influence does it have?

Value of knowledge is contextual and relative – trying to give it value is a mistake; instead focus on the value of having it and sharing it. We need to free up knowledge in order to have healthier networks to work with.

Structure emerges with content – not the other way around. There’s a great deal of misunderstanding about psychology, human nature, and incentives.

Let’s take a critical view of process: “Process is a response to prior stupidity.”

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Lee Bryant at #KMUK10
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