I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day. Here are some of the most interesting things I’ve found recently (as of June 7th). You can join the conversations in the comments, or click through to the original posts to find what others are saying.

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  • Building and Sustaining Strong, Engaged Programs – Part 1 – "What does it take to build real sustainability for the work being done by Community Benefit Organizations? If we were talking about building and sustaining a house instead of an organization, we would instantly know the answer. To sustain for the long term, the house would need strong infrastructure – a strong foundation, roof and bearing walls. However, no matter how strong that infrastructure might be, if the house is to remain strong over time, it will also need people to take care of it. The same holds true for building and sustaining strong, engaged programs."
  • Does Nonprofit Consulting = Nonprofit Leadership? | Rosetta Thurman – "Ever since I became a full-time nonprofit consultant, I’ve had a hard time putting myself in that category. And it’s not hard to see why. The title “consultant” can definitely have its negative connotations, especially in Washington, DC where everybody and their mama is a consultant. It doesn’t mean anything without context, but even with explanation behind it, people can look at you sideways at networking events. At conferences, I even notice the body language shift that sometimes happens when an executive director encounters one of us “consultants,” as if our aim is to pick their pockets. Oh my, would you look at the time… Instead, I still think of myself as a nonprofit leader."
  • Heye-Tech: Social Media Comments Gone Wild! What to do? – "So in addition to the Air Force Blog Assessment we decided to create a comment escalation flow chart. This is intended to help our social media authors decide what action to take in addition to the reply. We wanted to have a documented process for our employees to use and to find a way to keep our Communications & Risk Management departments in the loop."
  • The secret steps to commenting like a rockstar | Heroic Destiny – For all those organizations looking to increase readership and visits to your blog, this is a great read! I always recommend that organizations should spend just as much effort commenting on other blogs as writing on their own. The conversations aren't ONLY on your site, and that's okay! "Read much about blog promotion and you’ll eventually encounter commenting as a strategy to increase your readership. The premise is that people will find your comment valuable and click on your link to visit your site. However, I’ve been using a modified version with great success. Today I’m going to tell you my secret strategy that has brought the majority of my readers to my site."
  • 24 tools for fundraising with social media | Socialbrite – Here's a great list of 24 tools for fundraising online – any others that you use that aren't mentioned?
  • PEP-NET » Blog Archive » Best methods for undemocratic participation – "We must ensure that the addition or integration of new digital channels does not make existing power structures less socially representative, and if possible, should improve democratic systems, for example by providing voices to people who previously would have struggled to be heard. Mastery of new technologies and ownership of expensive equipment must not become pre-requisites for engagement in e-participation."
Great reads from around the web on June 7th
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  • Today’s round up of great #nptech reads includes @HildyGottlieb @rosettathurman @SteveHeye @socialbrite & more! http://amysampleward.org/2010/06/07/grea

    • SteveHeye

      @amyrsward Thanks for including me in your round up of great #nptech reads!

      • @SteveHeye my pleasure – thanks for sharing your strategy!

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      RT @amyrsward: Today’s round up of great #nptech reads includes @HildyGottlieb @rosettathurman @SteveHeye @socialbrite & more! http://bi

    • HildyGottlieb

      @amyrsward Blown-away honored to be on that list. GREAT posts. (Confess I got lost reading them all. Must get back to work…) Thank you!!!!

      • @HildyGottlieb I’m so happy to include you – thanks for sharing your questions, thoughts, conversation with us 🙂

  • Amy, thank you so much for the shout out! I’m so glad that my post seemed to resonate with people so well.

    Of course, you realize…I’ll be bookmarking this comment now. 🙂

    • Thanks for tracking back to the post, David 🙂
      I think comments/conversation are incredibly valuable and strive to create a conversation space on this blog. I don’t think of the community here as “readers” per se, but the real drivers – comments include questions, ideas, conversation between commenters, etc.

      Very happy to share your post!