I’m really excited for my friend and colleague, Kivi Leroux Miller for her new book The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause. I’m even more excited to say that this blog will be part of her virtual book tour in June!  There will be an interview with Kivi posted on the blog on June 24th – but it’s going to be with your questions!

Submit your questions about The Nonprofit Marketing Guide today:

  • Simply leave a question in the comments here to participate
  • I’ll submit all questions to Kivi on June 5th, so only questions posted before then will be included

I’m really looking forward to gathering great questions from you all and hearing and learning from Kivi as she responds! She’s a great voice on nonprofit marketing and I think participating in the virtual book tour will be fun and valuable.  Let the questions begin!

Get your nonprofit marketing questions answered!
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