Today, I’m presenting at the NCVO Foresight seminar: Changing ICT – what does it mean for your charity? My session focuses on the pretty obtuse topic of ‘the future of online revenue generation for charities.’  I’m really looking forward to the conversations and examples that emerge after the main presentation and think there will be enough diversity in the participants (at least looking at the delegate list…) to get some debate and forecasting flowing.

Here are my slides:

If you want to dive into the speaker notes, simply click through to the Slideshare presentation here and use the “Notes on Slide” tab beneath the slides.

Some of the research data and other information can be found in detail here:

Last week I participated in NCVO’s ‘Ask the Expert’ leading up to the seminar and you can check out the Q/A here.

The Future of Online Revenue Generation for Charities
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