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Every month, a group called #4Change organizes open & lively conversations about how web-connected communities and our use of social media tools are helping to create change in the world. #4Change Chats are hosted on Twitter – Read “Join the Conversation” below for ways to jump into the discussion.

The next #4change chat is this Thursday – we hope you can join us!


  • Date: Oct, 8th
  • Where: Twitter (search for #4Change
  • When: 2 – 4 pm US Pacific Time, 5 – 7 pm US Eastern Time, 10pm – 12am London, UK (Late!)
  • Topic: How does the web & social media change the way we address climate change?

(Image from Blog Action Day – their topic this year is also climate change!)

We are at a crucial moment in time for the climate movement (and all of humanity). World leaders are meeting in Copenhagen in December to draft the next major global climate treaty – and organizations, communities, and people from every corner of the planet are stepping up to make sure this treaty gets our planet back on a sustainable path. Copenhagen is a galvanizing force that’s driving a lot of innovations and experiments – which means there’s going to be lots to discuss! Many of the questions we explore will likely also be applicable to other movements.

Starting the Conversations:

Here are some questions to consider:

  • How does online discussion and networking connect with and support offline action?
  • How does the web change the way we organize for climate action? What are the key ways the game gets changed?
  • What role does new media & storytelling play in this space?
  • What are the impact of online petitions and how can they be most effective?
  • How can we help connect & empower the climate movement together using online tools? What technologies are both available & needed?
  • How can the web facilitate culture shifts? As network weavers, how can we faciitate culture shifts?
  • What are the top actions the social media community can take to join and support the climate movement?

And here are some examples to consider:

  • TckTckTck, 350.org, Avaaz, 1Sky, Energy Action Coalition, many others – All wired organizations working to catalyze and inspire people and communities to come together and take action for the climate.
  • Project Survival – Seven new media teams, one for each continent, will report on the most compelling climate stories from around the world.
  • WiserEarth & WiserEarth API – Open database of over 100,000 environmental & social justice organizations anyone can search and webby folk can integrate into their site.

Join the Conversation!

  1. If you want to contribute to the conversation, you’ll need to have a twitter account (it’s free).
  2. To follow the conversation (whether you are planning to contribute or not), use http://search.twitter.com or another application to search on Twitter for “#4Change”
  3. Jump in to the conversation by adding “#4Change” (without the “”) to your Twitter message
  4. Feeling brave? Check out TweetChat – it’s a great application that integrates with your Twitter account and makes chats more fun! You can turn it off after the chat.

Rules for #4Change Chat

  1. #4Change will be structured around a series of questions which all participants can respond to. Send your questions to @engagejoe to have them considered.
  2. Introduce yourself in 1 tweet at the start or when you join.
  3. Stay on topic!
  4. Be cool.

Join us for the chat this Thursday – looking forward to discussing the role social media can play in creating a safe climate future!

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