These are some links I wanted to share from August 10th. Find me on Delicious for more!

  • Introducing the National Talent Bank – The National Talent Bank is an idea proposed by the Council on Social Action. A discussion paper is now available online to stimulate dialogue and engagement (and a call for partners) to build the Talent Bank together. Check out the news to learn more and download/read the discussion paper to join in!
  • The Death of the Digital Divide–Or a New One? | Fission Strategy | Fast Company – Based on recent studies about Internet and communication technology use or adoption, the Digital Divide doesn't seem to necessarily be disappearing. How have you made sure to evaluate where or what kinds of tools or platforms your community uses before you choose what to do with your social media strategy?
  • Investors & Researchers in Philanthropy | Tactical Philanthropy – A great post from Sean on the TactPhil blog: "I would argue that philanthropic institutions are currently geared towards thinking of themselves as impact researchers instead of performance investors. As I’ve tried to make clear, the goal is the same. Both disciplines are needed. A high performance organization that implements ineffective, poorly researched programs will fail to achieve impact. A poorly performing organization that tries to implement proven programs will fail to deliver them with fidelity and/or fail to grow. But what would happen if funders thought of themselves primarily as performance investors and relied on a mix of internal, external and independent researchers to prove program effectiveness?"
  • FutureGov Network – Carrie Bishop's at the Google Local Government event in London today and tweeting and blogging from inside. Here's a post with Google's top tips for making a good website – originally intended for audiences like but you can do some minor word replacement or other alternations to make the nonprofit or government perspective more clear.
  • 5 Fun and Fabulous Twitter Tools for Nonprofit Organizations and Activists (Nonprofits 2.0 – – Heather Mansfield has a new post on the blog: "The number of third-party Twitter Apps has exploded over the last year. Twtbase currently lists over 500 of them, and I have highlighted five of my favorites for nonprofit organizations and activists…"
Great reads from around the web on August 10th
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