Debra Askanase has turned a recent experience dealing with many social media obvjections into a list to help you nail your comeback lines for any objectors in your organization or office.  She even crowdsourced some of the responses via Twitter – a fun way to get a bit more brain power out of the process of blogging!  She deals with these five questions:

  1. It’s not safe! What about the BU Craigslist killer?
  2. What if our biggest rival pretends to be us online?
  3. Social media means a lot of work and we don’t have the staff time to do that.
  4. There is no place in our organization for social media.
  5. People will attack us online with negative critique.

Read the answers to those questions and more of the story on Debra’s blog here.

And remember… the best comeback line is the truth, and the truth is that if you aren’t online, joining the conversation with your community members, supporters, and doubters, and engaging with the larger sector, then it doesn’t matter how great you think your branding is or how much you know your audience, because there is a quickly moving and building conversation about your work and your sector happening without you.  The only form of control you have over your message and your organization is to join the conversation that’s already happening.  Really.

Comeback Lines to Social Media Objectors
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