Anke Holst of Conscious Communications attended Salesforce’s pre-Cloudforce Foundation Summit earlier this week.  She recently posted some of her thoughts and is attracting some very interesting conversation.  Here’s an excerpt from her post with her permission:

Cloudforce is all about integrating the mentions of your brand name on social networks into your regular system of dealing with your customers – in this case, obviously, This has a number of interesting implications:

Showing everyone the relevance of social media – the push for organisations to have a presence on the different platforms has just been increased at least tenfold.

Of course it is selling Salesforce as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform – it has just come back into relevance, by cleverly marketing a typically boring sales event as something really cutting edge to all the brilliant young clever minds out there.

It is forgetting that being able to manage incoming requests from the cloud still doesn’t mean you have a proactive presence on these platforms. So by taking care of the “cloud”, organisations are wrongly given the impression that they have achieved the full scale of interactivity with the Social Networking world.

I was not at the Summit but know that many of you Londoners reading this blog were.  What did you think – did you feel the same as Anke?  You can read her full post and the discussion in the comments or leave your thoughts here in the comments below.  Interested to hear what you have to say!

Cloudforce: Reactions from the Summit
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