These are my links for January 12th through January 14th:

  • Network For Good – The audience for this 45-page guide is small nonprofits who need help launching a great online fundraising or marketing campaign in quick order. The guide features 12 real-life strategies organizations are using right now to succeed during the downturn, in addition to tons of great tactical advice, creative samples and other resources.
  • IssueLab: CloseUp – IssueLab's End of the Year Lists, including the most popular research titles on IssueLab, are based on more than 96,000 downloads in just the past 11 months. Check it out at
  • WorldChanging – the Book! – Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century is a groundbreaking compendium of the most innovative solutions, ideas and inventions emerging today for building a sustainable, livable, prosperous future.
  • The Power of Us: Re-Imagine Media | Changemakers – We Media and Ashoka have teamed up to present the We Media Changemakers $50,000 Challenge, “The Power of Us,” which aims to find and help launch the best new ideas for inspiring a better world through media and technology. Nominations and entries can be received until January 21, 2009, so act fast!
  • Add Ask Your Lawmaker to Your Site | Ask Your Lawmaker – Check out the Ask Your Lawmaker widget from Capital News Connection, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC. As <a href="" target="_blank">Deborah Elizabeth Finn</a> explains, "constituents from any district in the U.S. can pose questions to their senators and representatives by posting them to the web site, and then anyone who is interested in legislation and policy can go to the site and vote for the questions that he or she deems most critical." I'm really excited to see how this widget gets used by nonprofits across the US, or replicated elsewhere.
Great reads from January 12th through January 14th
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  • Hi Amy! Thanks so much for featuring IssueLab as one of your great reads! By now, we’ve moved on to our January CloseUp featuring Survey Methodology. For those who still want to access the December Research Roundup, the permalink is:

  • Thanks, Luise-

    I appreciate you providing the most recent link for readers! I’m really loving the work you all are doing because I LOVE research and data and facts but I HATE when we get numbers dropped in our laps or statements slapped in our faces without context to tell us if it should really hurt or not… so to speak 🙂

    Please do share with the readers here when there’s something we need to be sure to catch!

    Thanks again for joining the conversation here!