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This is your last week to submit ideas to the 2008 USAID Development 2.0 Challenge. Proposals are stacking up in the USAID Project Gallery already!  You can read proposals, star your favorites, leave comments and collaborate with project teams, or submit your own!  Check out the newest projects!

Submissions are due December 5th! Submit your idea today!

From the Project Gallery:

  • ROBO Calls for Health – a developing country proposal
    A Problem in many developing countries is that many people who require medical care for chronic illnesses (high pretension and diabetes) and child health (Pre and post natal) often forget their appointment or to maintain their home treatment plan.   Such situations result in HIV AIDS, loss of ability to work (resulting in economic stress and poverty) premature death including high infant mortality rates. Most of these individuals already have mobile phones through which they can be reached by health care system (village, district, national level).  Through phone calls and/or text messaging patients would be reminded of their appointments and/or home treatments.
  • BizWiz – The Business Helper
    BizWiz – the Business Helper- is a cell phone application that helps small and micro entrepreneurs keep track of their business expenses and sales more easily, streamline financial information, and analyze it on a more regular basis. BizWiz allows the creation of an immediate record of the transaction as it happens, ensuring that expenses and revenues are properly managed.
  • Cell by Cell Community Twitter
    I’ve been involved with community development in urban slums and small rural towns in Brazil for the past fifty years.  There is an assumption by “outsiders” that because of the density of the slums and the circumscribed boundaries of the small rural towns, communication circulates freely and rapidly.  I believe the opposite is true.  Residents of these communities tend to stay close to their residences, sources of food, access to transportation and community services such as schools and health clinics.  They tend to venture out to social gatherings such as church attendance in groups.  They would never think of just walking their dog outside the immediate confins of the street in front of their house or shanty.
  • Global PocketSchool Network (PSGN)
    PSGN is a global open network distributing mlearning-based edutainment solutions to places where there are no schools. This project is to help extremely underserved children develop literacy, numeracy, and life-skills to participate in global information, knowledge, and creative content economy. The philosophy for this is “everyone can learn and contribute to world peace and prosperity.”

Participate in 4 easy steps:

  • Register and/or Login
  • Click on Username
  • Click on “Submit a Project to the Project Gallery” under My Project Idea
  • Select “USAID” from the Prize Tag menu located below Additional Cause Area Tags on the Submission Form

Visit the USAID Development 2.0 Challenge Project Gallery to check out proposals, star your favorites, and comment and collaborate with the project teams or learn more about the Challenge.

Five days left to submit to USAID
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