Last night was the NFPTweetup – or the Not-for-profit Twitter-users gathering.  Essentially, many great people in nonprofit organizations and serving nonprofit organizations that are connected on Twitter, the micro-blogging tool, wanted to get together offline and really hang out with each other without computers in the way.  There certainly were computers and gadgets floating around the room, but it was mostly just people and drinks and lots of great conversation.

You can see who was there and how it was organized on the NFPTweetup wiki if you are interested in organizing one in your area!

Collaborative Presentations

To add to the educational side of the meetup, Rachel Beer (the woman who wrangled the event together completely) organized a collaborative presentation.  Each of us created a slide about nonprofits using Twitter and sent it to her.  The topic was pretty broad and the slides covered all kinds of information.  Plus, none of us saw the slides, but our own, until the event!  It was great fun to see a new slide pup up and someone surprised to see their work on the wall.  We each took a minute or two to quickly explain our slide and got a lot of discussion going.  Today it was even featured as a Top Presentation of the Day on SlideShare!

My slide is the one focused on The Womens Museum’s use of Twitter.  Here’s what I did:

A bit of Twitter Metrics:

I visited The Womens Museum’s twitter page online at

I created some categories and tallied the messages into the applicable categories to measure how balanced the messages were.  Here were the results:

Self Promotion with Links: 6
Self Promotion without Links: 6

Questions with Links: 4
Questions without Links: 3

Fundraising with Links: 1
Fundraising without Links: 0

Affinity Promo with Links: 4
Affinity Promo without Links: 0

Information with Links: 0
Information without Links: 3

I think the numbers are quite balanced!  The messages are true to mission/vision of the museum by including retweets (or forwarding on the messages of others), links to websites other than their own, compliments, transparency, and inclusion.  If you use Twitter for your organization, try measuring the messages with the above categories and see how balanced your messages are!

Congrats to the NFPTweetup for a tons of fun, connections, and a great way to share information!

NFPTweetup: Nonprofits + Twitter in London
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