Join us for Net Tuesday London, this month: Social Media Exchange!


  • Tuesday, 2 December
  • 5:30 pm doors open, 6 pm event starts
  • Charity Technology Trust, 1 London Bridge
  • Topic: Social Media Exchange
  • RSVP: Net Tuesday London group

* How it works:

  • The room has designated topic areas throughout, marked by labels on the wall (including: blogs/micro-blogging; photos/videos; voting/contests/edemocracy; tagging/information sharing; social networks/lists/communities)
  • Everyone is given a game board of sorts to fill in while filtering throughout the room
  • When in a designated topic area, talk with others about 1. a project you/your organization has done in that area 2. success stories or unsuccess stories & lessons learned 4. questions you have for working in that area 5. how to evaluate success

* What you’ll get from participating:

  • examples of social media in use
  • ideas and contacts
  • opportunity to share your story, lessons, and ideas
  • have fun!

We’ll also have a time at the end, as a big happy family, to discuss some of the best stories or lessons learned that came up in the exchange to make sure we all have a chance to hear it and can create a list of brilliant tid bits for the group to refer to.

Join the Net Tuesday London group to connect with others, see photos and notes from the last meeting, and more.

You can learn more about Net Tuesdays and see if there is one in your city on the NetSquared website. (Don’t see one in your area?  Let me know if you’d like to start one!)

Net Tuesday London: December is a Social Media Exchange!
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