This morning at Chain Reaction 2008, I had the awesome opportunity to interview Jeremy Gilley of Peace One Day.  I first came into contact with the organization four years ago when I saw the film Peace One Day chronicling Jeremy’s journey getting an annual day dedicated to peace supported by the world via a UN declaration.  Jeremy has had quite a journey the last ten years and spoke this morning to open the conference, filling the room with stories and pictures about real change.

You can see the video (recorded on a Flip camera) from YouTube:

Check out Peace One Day to commit to celebrating peace every year on Sept 21st!

Stay tuned for more from Chain Reaction 2008!

Interview with Jeremy Gilley of Peace One Day
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  • I had the misfortune to interview this fool. He is a celebrity seeking free travel and fame and knows nothing about human rights or peace. I’m sorry but I cannot agree with this “awesome” opportunity to meet such a thoroughly horrible man

    • Hi Emma-

      Thanks for sharing your opinion here! Do you have a link to the interview/story you reference that you could post here?

      I think that Peace One Day is not unlike many other organizations with a social impact goal started by an individual – the organization and the individual need to be separated both in character and in mission: a personal mission, however grand or inspiring, is inherently not one for others to contribute to. Peace One Day is, I believe, as an organization trying to be something that many people can contribute to from around the world and from various perspectives; and as such it needs to be (perhaps more) separated from the founder and original driver.

      Thanks again for your offering your experience!

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