This week I’m filling in for Britt Bravo on the Net Squared community blog.  I just posted there with some of my thoughts about using Second Life for conferences.  Check it out!

This was my first conference in Second Life and I really learned a lot.  What makes Second Life such a unique option for conference organizers is how much of the face-to-face nature of in-person conferences can be replicated. The biggest ones to me were:

  • I can SEE you!
  • I can TALK to you!
  • I can FIND you!

Have you used Second Life to attend a conference or event? Have you participated in any of the free weekly meetings from the Nonprofit Commons? What advice do you have for organizations and individuals exploring this new tool?

Check out the full article on the Net Squared community blog and let me know what you think!

BlogHer08: The Second Life Experience
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  • Hmm, so it was actually some form of success? My prejudices may be in need of adjustment!