We have two great events coming up here in Portland – the July Net Tuesday and 501 Tech Club.  I’m really excited!

Net Tuesday: Effective Websites for Nonprofits

We will learn about conversion, testing your website and campaign language, and the attributes of effective nonprofit websites (especially for fundraising!).  It should be a great opportunity to examine websites from organizations in the group and relate new learning.  Hal Newton will be our opening presenter, but we want everyone to participate when we open it up to discussion and conversation.

Do you have resources you want to be sure are included?  What about a great case study?

501 Tech Club: Municipal Wireless

Join with members of the Personal Telco Project, NTEN and the City of Portland to learn more about and discuss the history, progress, and future of municipal wireless.  This is a great opportunity to hear about efforts like MetroFi and Personal Telco, as well as how you can get involved in improving your neighborhood’s networks.

If you aren’t from Portland, what have been successes or failures in your city with municipal wireless?

If you aren’t in Portland, don’t worry!  I’ll be sure to share with you the conversations and resources from these two great events!

Upcoming Events in Portland
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