is a terrific resource for all things mobile in the nonprofit and activism sector.  They just released How to Use Mobile for Polling and Engagement.  My favorite part of this resource and some others is the great use of case studies to help illuminate the full picture.  Mobiles, especially in the US, are a new environment for nonprofit messaging, so these case studies really help put into perspective questions and answers, even before they come up, around costs, approaches, audience, etc.

Another great highlight:

Mobile Polling Campaign in 10 Steps:

1. Decide if you will hire a mobile vendor or go the do-it-yourself method.

2. If using a vendor, they will provide you with a short code and its platform that lets you track poll results.

3. Design your polling question and answers carefully.

4. Test the poll.

5. Craft a mobile marketing strategy to advertise the poll.

6. Integrate the poll with your website and current campaigns.

7. Set up your web site and test it.

8. Share the results.

9. Follow-up with people who responded to the poll.

10. Evaluate results.

11. Repeat.

Read more about these 10 steps and about using mobiles for polling and engagement on the Mobile Active wiki.

Report on mobiles used for activism
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