The challenges for days 20 and 21 are such that I want to combine them. Day 20: Three Links Out; Day 21: Make a Recommendation.

The ‘Three Links Out’ idea is that you go to a blog you regularly read and from there click a link to another blog, then from that blog click to another blog, and then one more time. So, you are three links out from where you started. Then leave a comment there!

To explain my steps, I started with a good friend and colleague’s blog: Britt’s Have Fun Do Good blog. From there, I clicked on The Happiness Project in her list of blogs she reads. And from there, I clicked on Design Sponge. So, being the third link, I left a comment. Not only was I surprised by the site I ended up on but was also very excited! I’m a crafter and enjoy craft time alone, in cooperations with my husband, or in groups for crafting parties. I want to recommend to you all that you explore the world that is just three links away and to check out the three sites that I linked through.

Why do I also recommend the three blogs I happened to have clicked through? Because I think that it is important to have a few ‘random’ blogs in our readers that we come across and read from time to time so we don’t let our minds sit in the same pool. And, it’s exciting to take just a couple minutes and find something that interests you that you wouldn’t have otherwise have found!

Let me know where you end up by click three links out!

31-Day Comment Challenge: Day 20 & 21
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  • Hi Amy,

    Thanks for including me in your 31-Day Comment Challenge. How does the Challenge work?