Last Friday, I had my monthly spot on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, a weekly online radio show that Tony hosts, it’s Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%. In December, we discussed some of the latest social media stats and trends, especially as those trends highlight changing demographics on various social media platforms like Facebook. Continuing that conversation this time, we turned to some of the tools that your nonprofit may want to watch in 2014.

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Like last time, I mentioned that I’d share some blog posts and data for those that want to dive in deeper to this conversation. Here are a few posts to get you thinking about platforms you may not yet be using:

What new platforms (new to you or new to the world) are on your list to try in 2014? Where do you see your community going and what kinds of tools are they using?

Social Media Tools to Watch in 2014 for #NonprofitRadio
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