Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, a weekly online radio show that Tony hosts, is Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%. Trusted experts and leading thinkers join Tony each week to tackle the tough issues facing small-and mid-size nonprofits. This week, Tony focused on Millennials and some of the tips for engaging different demographics on social channels with guest Derrick Feldmann of Achieve. As a monthly guest, I was excited to join for this episode to add to Tony and Derrick’s conversation.

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On today’s show, I mentioned that I would share various sources for data on social platforms. Here’s a short list for posts that have both commentary and data:

Join us in January to talk about emerging platforms like Instagram and Snapchat!

Latest Social Media Stats for #NonprofitRadio
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  • Tony Martignetti

    Thank you for valuable info, Amy! So glad to have you as a frequent contributor to Nonprofit Radio!

  • Tony Martignetti

    Very interesting is the shift among millennials from FB to Twitter as platform where the most time is spent. Big drop in just a year, based on your 4th link above. The FastCompany article has good info on LinkedIn: gaining members at two-per-second, but the activity there is low. Thanks!

  • Maggie Louise Lund

    These topics are some of the most challenging for nonprofit communicators today. So glad to see all this good content. Great show.