Date:October 24-25, 2012

Location: Lexington, KY

Topic: Community-Driven Planning: Creating a Social Media Strategy

Description: This all-day workshop starts with the real foundation of social media engagement: community and content. Understanding who you are working with and the kinds of content you want to create and share, will help you then build engaging and valuable social media channels. Through a facilitated training, participants will work independently and in small groups to develop and share project plans for using social media to engage supporters. These plans provide a starting point that participants can put into action immediately and build upon for larger projects and plans in the organization.

Topic: Strong Connections: Linking Strategy, Goals and Metrics

Description: When it comes to social media, email marketing, or even online engagement in general, we often have a feeling when things are going well or when they aren’t. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or something else, you don’t have to be satisfied with a feeling: use your organization’s strategic plan to identify real goals and then track the data to show your impact.

Topic: Social Media Boundaries: Personal/Personnel Policy

Description: As our networks expand, our profiles get more public, and our work requires a human face, where do we draw the line between personal and professional identities online? How do we maintain those boundaries for our community members? How do we respond to attacks, opportunities, and over-shares online? When does over-sharing hurt the community? When should you share your own personal stories as a manager, or personally reach out to community members? Growing and cultivating an active community also requires that the community manager walk the fine line of personal and professional sharing. Every community manager wonders when and how to professionally cultivate leaders and members to create a thriving community while still being personal. On the reverse side, sometimes community members share too much, which can hurt the health of the community.

Topic: Social Media Done Right in 30 Minutes/Day

Description:  Even if you have only 30 minutes for social media in each day you can use these methods to be strategic and make the most of your engagement. From content planning to really listening online, you’ll find that the more you look for ways to interact, instead of broadcast, the more you can do with those 30 minutes.

Topic: Social Media ROI

Description:  Whether you’re raising money online directly or building connections to foster potential donors, social media is a growing space for fundraising. Measuring the ROI of these new tools can be tricky for many organizations, especially those not yet measuring the ROI of their other technology tools and investments. This session will explore the basics of measuring the return on investment you make in all technology, and provide an overview of the changing [increasing] fundraising landscape online.

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