I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day. Here are some of the most interesting things I’ve found recently (as of June 13th). You can join the conversations in the comments, or click through to the original posts to find what others are saying.

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  • Unfriended: Six Million Americans Fled Facebook Last Month – Culture – GOOD – "I told you last month why I thought everyone should get off Facebook, and it turns out people listened. Though the social networking behemoth continues creeping toward 700 million global users, six million Americans quit the site in the month of May. That's the first time Facebook has lost U.S. users in over a year. The site also posted losses in Canada, the U.K., Norway, and Russia, while most of its gains came in countries in the developing world, including Mexico and India."
  • 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report – "Five years into the research, it is clear that direct mail giving is still the overwhelming majority of fundraising revenue, and organizations must find ways to optimize multichannel giving versus hyper-focusing on internet giving alone. Nonprofits must closely consider how fundraising channels work in relation to one another versus as competing initiatives."
  • Official Google Blog: Bringing tech knowledge to nonprofits through the HandsOn Tech Corps – "Community service has always been important to us. When thinking of ways we can give back, we often focus on where our strengths lie—namely, in technical knowledge. More and more frequently, Googlers who volunteer note that many incredible nonprofits around the U.S. lack the tech knowledge or resources that could immensely help their operations and their cause."
  • 5 Web Reports Every Nonprofit Should Know – Google Analytics | NetWitsThinkTank.com – "Those who follow me on Twitter, or for whom I’ve helped implement NetCommunity websites, won’t be surprised to find me write about Google Analytics. Probably no better an indication of my love for the knowledge waiting to be unmasked within this tool, is the (fun?) fact that I can often be found laying in bed at 6am and digging through client web reports. The knowledge one can gleam from this tool is practically endless–and the resulting testing and site modifications one can make, even more so. No wonder than, I am commonly asked; “What are the top web analytics reports and tools every nonprofit should know?”."
  • Pew Research raw survey data now available – Looking for some data to help tell your organization's story? "The Pew Research churns out a lot of interesting results from a number of surveys about online and American culture, but they usually only shared aggregated results, pre-made charts and graphs. This is well and good for the information-consuming public; however, these results can spawn curiosities that are fun to dig into. Luckily, the Pew Research Center launched a Data Sets section that provides raw survey responses and the questions in a variety of easy-to-use data formats."
Great reads from around the web on June 13th
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