Next week, volunteer managers, service leaders, nonprofit staff and government representatives will come together for three days of learning and sharing in New Orleans, LA, at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service. Scott Henderson and Brian Reich are “bringing together a diverse group of leaders to create a new framework for how organizations who are focused on supporting service – companies, media, nonprofits, government – can better address the challenges that exist today.” Together, leaders and innovators and thinkers will ask a very important question:

What should we stop doing?

Register: If you will be at NCVS or are near New Orleans on Monday, June 6th, be sure to register to join the conversation! (Limited seats are left.)

Share: Whether you will be there in person or not, we need you to be part of this important conversation! All of us are impacted by our own service and the participation of communities around us. Many of us work in nonprofits and civic service organizations or groups already.

Scott and Brian created a Google form that challenges you to offer as many ideas as you care – as long as they are less than 100 words. You can submit as many ideas as you like – there isn’t one answer, or even one right answer, to this challenge. But we won’t find the right steps to take without the input and insight from the community. Share your ideas in the Idea Throwdown!

Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions here, too, to get the conversation started early!

The Future of Service in a Connected Society: What do we stop doing?
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  • NPO’s need to stop apologizing for needing funding.  They are selling a service.  Stop believing their organizations should be managed any differently than for-profits. 

    • Hi Lisa-

      Thanks so much for sharing your suggestion! I think you’ve really hit on
      something here, and something that will be especially important for those in
      the room at NCVS to bring up: funding. The conference is primarily people
      and organizations focused on civil service and volunteering. That’s a group
      that, as you point out, are doing something terrific and should not
      apologize for needing funding. Any ideas on how to change that mind set?

      Thanks again!

  • 501c3 is just a tax status.  At the end of the day it’s still about Profit and Loss.  For too long, NPO’s have viewed themselves as second-class, somehow.  It’s an honor to be in the sector!  When you stop viewing fundraising as begging and start viewing it as selling a service that has value the entire paradigm shifts.  Identify the VALUE each organization provides to their CLIENTS and groups create profiles of who they are and become far more impactful.