Last week, I had a lot of fun test-driving Qriously, a new application that replaces advertisements on smart phones with questions, creating real-time feedback about the topics you are interested in. I had so much fun, in fact, that I shared screen shots and some thoughts around the way organizations could put a tool like this to use. (If you missed it, here’s last week’s post about Qriously.) I contacted the Qriously team to thank them for access, and to ask if there was a way I could get a few more organizations connected to give it a try. And here’s the offer:

5 Nonprofits, 5000 Responses

I think there’s a lot of potential for the way organizations can use a tool like this, and I’m sure there are plenty more that you can think of! The folks at Qriously think so, too. They are going to give five organizations 5,000 responses each (these could be divided up into multiple questions or used all for one), for free, with just two stipulations:

  1. You can only use global or national surveys (not local)
  2. You have to share what you learn!

That’s it!

Share Your Questions to Win
So, as a way of opening up the possibilities and participation, I’m asking that organizations “submit” via the comments. If you’re interested in participating, please share:

  1. The name of your organization
  2. The question you’d like to ask
  3. How the question will help inform your work

As you know, I’m a big believer in community-driven processes, and there’s nothing that helps you be community-driven than tapping in and listening directly to the people you want to serve. Hopefully, sharing your questions and reasoning in the comments will help others think about the way they can survey the community at large, and sharing back what you learn will help us all!


The 5 organizations to get free trials of Qriously include: – submitted by Katy Gilber

Katy did a great job of identifying a series of questions that the 5,000 responses can be divided between that can really help with content planning as well as community engagement planning. – submitted by Stacey Monk

I love the way Stacey blended the goal of getting feedback that can improve their messaging and content with the goal of spreading awareness/exposure of the brand. Great job!

Austin Civic Orchestra – submitted by Mazarine Treyz

This is a great example of targeting mobile users by asking specifically about those generations most likely to be on a phone! The question needs some work in refining the ask and providing answers, since it isn’t an open response field, though.

Neighborhood Montgomery – submitted by Takoma Horn

I think this is a great topic to break up into multiple questions. You could ask for a sentiment measurement, like “how do you feel about commercial development” and then use some of the other 5,000 responses for specific, similar to the examples Adam shared in the comments.

buildingcommunity WORKSHOP – submitted by romoseki

I’m really interested to see how these questions can be reshaped to better understand sentiment around architecture as well as even start some conversations (guide content development). Adam shared some great examples of reworking the questions to provide answer options, too.

I’m inviting all of the 5 organizations to share a guest post here after you use Qriously to ask your questions to share what you learned and how it contributes to your work!

Try Qriously for free: Real-time data for your organization!
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  • 1. Epic Change
    2. Would your mom prefer a Mother’s Day gift you buy at the store or one you make at
    3. It would share our work more broadly, and help us see the demographics of the type of people we should target with the campaign.

    Thanks Amy – a very cool tool 😉

    • Thanks for joining the giveaway contest, Stacey! Great example of blending a
      question that you want responses to with something that gets exposure of the

  • Austin Civic Orchestra!
    How can Orchestras become more relevant for gen Y and X?
    I am fundraising for the austin civic orchestra, so this can help us create more of a reason for people to come to concerts!

    • Anonymous

      (Adam from Qriously) Hi Mazarine – Great thoughts, you might even ask a couple thousand people in the US: “How many times do you go to the orchestra/yr? ” zero – 12+ times.

      Or “Which is the better gift” Orchestra tickets or Theatre Tickets

      Only thing to keep in mind is that you’ll be asking a national audience. Cheers!

  • Neighborhood Network for Sensible Growth
    Q: How does commercial development effect your neighborhood?
    A: positively or negatively
    Commercial developers, policymakers, and urban planners are pushing commercial development in the name of economic revitalization, and often leave the social aspects out of the picture. Treating this as only an economic or engineering problem gives short shrift to public opinion and can threaten the quality of life in our communities.

    • Anonymous

      (Adam form Qriously) Great question direction Takoma!

      Another angle on your question: “In my neighborhood we should…” Build New or Refurb!

      Or… “I would rather have in my neighborhood” more parks OR newer houses

  • Anonymous

    (Adam from Qriously) Thought starters for Questions:

    Q) Which area needs more help? rural USA or metro USA

    Q) Which do kids need more? computers or healthy snacks

    Q) Which party better supports education? Republicans or Democrats

    Q) Should we build … more cars or more trains

    Q) How many times a year do you go to the museum? zero or 12+

    Q) How many times a year SHOULD you go to the doctor? 0 or 6+

    Q) Do you get your health tips … electronically or in print

    Q) Should your health info be stored on your cell? Yes or No

    Q) How much do you give to charity/yr? <$50 or $500+

    Q) How many hours could you give each week? <1 or 10+

    Q) Do you want "your" nonprofit to have an app? No thanks or YES!

  • Anonymous

    Name: buildingcommunity WORKSHOP

    Question 1: If you could use the skills of an architect to help someone for the next year, who would you help and why?

    How it would help: The answers to this question would help us to prioritize our future initiatives using the lens of the folks that might most need and/or most support our services.

    Question 2: If you had to describe the work that architects do every day, what would you write?

    How it would help: The answers to this question will help us better understand what the public’s image of an architect is so that we can make our work more accessible and effective.

    These would need to be reworded somewhat to fit with the guidelines of the app, but this gives you an idea about some of what we’re interested in! More to come–thanks for posting this, what a great service!

    • Anonymous

      Great questions, I wanted to offer some perspective on how to shape them in to questions that can appear on a mobile device (we don’t have open text answers yet as you know). I also attached an image to a recent comment to help color the picture in.

      Q1) Should Architects volunteer by …. Building Homes or Fixing Parks
      Q1) I wish architects would … Fix Theatres or Fix Schools
      Q1) My town’s architects’ designs should … restore or innovate

      Q2) Which describes architects …. creators or designers
      Q2) Architects …. preserve the past or build the future
      Q2) Architects use more … art or math

  • Anonymous

    Hi – Just wanted to post some example questions so you have some ideas of how they look on a device. Cheers! Adam (from Qriously)

  • Katy

    Katy Gilbert- Sharing stories around the world to create space for peace
    We would use the info we gain from Qriously to share better stories, learn from potential listeners, identify obstacles that prevent people acting for peace, – among others.
    Have you heard of yes, no
    What kind of stories do you like to listen to? funny stories, inspiring stories
    How would you like to tell your story- writing? web-based recorder?
    Do you believe there will ever be world peace? yes no
    What do you think will have the biggest impact on World Peace- personal actions, world leaders
    What do you think is most likely to prevent the next war- understanding of other cultures, bigger defense budget
    To connect with people across the globe, I prefer: pictures, email

    • Anonymous

      Awesome questions!

  • Katy

    Thanks a million! Can’t wait to tell you all about our Qriously experience!