Today’s CommBuild chat brought together some regular participants and some new ones for a rich conversation chock full of examples and ideas to share!

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The conversation in this month’s chat focused on these questions:

  1. How to best stay motivated and motivate your community team. It’s important and not always discussed. The result is often community managers having to motivate themselves AND their community. Not a small feat. from @vrhinesmith
  2. Question 2: How do we lower the barriers to entry for participation in our (our = whatever your community is) community? from Anna McDonnell
  3. What are the best strategies for when your client/manager/boss doesn’t understand social media, or you have a different opinion about how to use it? from @kg

This month’s chat had so many great examples shared and here are just a few:

Laura Kimball: In regards to internal motivation – I try to recognize someone’s success — like share a screen shot of a comment they left that drove positive engagement, results, etc — to show what other people have done, their success, etc. Almost like an internal leader board to say “good job” and inspire someone else to do something similar.

kristy @kg: Saw this today/thought good way to encourage participation, while recognizing others >> Replied to comments from @calipidder @dubid0 & @mtsquirrel on my post about flow #sports #banfffilmfestival

Rabia @realize_ink: We’ve highlighted rockstar community members by creating a FB tab dedicated to them. Kind of like the posters we all made for child of the week in kindergarten. It was fun and done with their friends + fam, so it was a surprise for them, too. Great response from the community.

Sue_Anne: We also share “success stories” on our site and are trying to find ways to do this more — even little things community members are doing in their local area.

Debra Askanase: I know that my blogger colleague W. Ching Ya has a “member of the month” that she highlights on a custom FB tab. Here it is:!/SocialBloggingTracker?sk=app_4949752878. Think it’s along @realize_ink’s idea

Claire Sale: When I worked for the Red Cross, we did a daily social media update to the comms dept, senior leadership, and anyone else who wanted to receive the info. The update included all of the social media mentions about the Red Cross (the good, the bad, and the ugly) that were relevant to our work. It really caught people’s eyes.

Michelle: what also many times works with big bosses is a sentence: “But youll have something your competition do not have.” 🙂

Britten @CROutwardBound: I know some companies, Social Media Examiner for example, replies to Facebook/blog posts as themselves which makes it seem a lot more personal while still preserving supposed titles

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February 2011 Community Builder Chat Wrap-Up #CommBuild
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