Date: February 23rd, 2011

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Topic: Keynote

Description:  When it comes to nonprofit technology, successful strategy and implementation can mean the difference between staying current and getting left behind. Nonprofit leaders need to keep up with the constantly changing techcomm environment by remaining curious, flexible and ever able to adapt. As technology advances, the demand for personalization increases. At the same time, however, your messaging will likely reach a broader audience than ever before, leaving the question: What is the balance between individualization and generalization? This year’s Nonprofit Technology and Communications Conference will delve into how to design the right eStrategy in today’s iWorld to build an engaged audience for your nonprofit. At the conference, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to learn, network, share, and have some fun. You will walk away with real tools and ideas to keep your nonprofit nimble and resilient moving forward.

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