Today’s Community Builder chat had a small group with a lot to say! It was a rich discussion and it doesn’t stop here – use the link below to review the full transcript and share your discussions points or ideas in the comments.

Review the full chat transcript!

Questions in the November chat:

  1. Is it important to discern/clarify what a community expects to get from their participation in the community? Or is it OK if everyone is in it for different reasons? (From Laura Norvig)
  2. What are examples of, best practices for, or learnings from engaging community members around various kinds of media, like videos and pictures instead of text? (From Mazarine Tryez)
  3. What are online communities good for?

Community accountability:

Something I am really interested in is the way that we can support each other in growing and improving by being open about what we want to do and holding each other accountable as a community to be better all the time. At the end of today’s chat, I asked participants what they will share or do because of the chat and I’m sharing those highlights here:

  • Laura Norvig: Storing up some ideas in my toolbox for future launch of online discussion boards. Posting more video to Facebook.
  • Shalena Broadnax: Echoing Green is operating in a relatively new space for us—deepening our online community engagement. Setting expectations with our community will be key in the development of our new platform.
  • Bonnie Koenig: The need to make discussions about technology to all members of the community.
  • Ash Shepherd: I really liked the discussion around intentionally building flexibility into community expectations.

And as for me? I’m hoping to be more intentional and thoughtful in planning, promoting and executing the chats to build on the successful and rich conversations so far to make these community activities as positive as can be! I hope you’ll help me 🙂

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For details of the December 16th chat and for full archives of previous chats, visit the CommBuild chat page.

November 2010 Community Builder’s Chat Wrap-Up #CommBuild
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