Today I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar to clients of the Washington Access Fund. Participants on the call come from many backgrounds and situations and are now embarking on new businesses, services and consulting. The webinar was designed to offer an overview of the basics, best practices and examples of successful social media integration. You can review the slides below, and click through to slideshare where you can view all of the speaker notes as well.


There were lots of great questions on the call and I have lots of resources to share to help answer those questions, get people moving in the right direction, and know where to go to keep learning.

The Social by Social book has How-Tos, Case studies, Jargon Buster and much more:

To get started building your own website, I recommend checking out the following options, all of which build on or can include a blog, and all of which include information about integrate or link to other existing blogs or websites:

  • WordPress hosted (this has more limited options but WordPress hosts the content for you) or self-hosted (fully customizable but this means you have a server or want to use a hosting service)
  • Squarespace
  • SnapPages
  • Wix

For a step by step guide to setting up your listening dashboard, visit:

If you want to explore Twitter chats, I suggest checking out what various hashtags mean and use this list for a directory of chats:

For a presentation about blogging, facebook and twitter for blind or partially sighted people, visit:

Here are two DIY guides for content and community mapping, you can do by yourself or with your whole organization:

Research and reports from NTEN that cover everything from the way fundraising tools are used to data integration, databases and vendors: And if you’re looking specifically for information about various database/CRMs.

There’s also options online for new approaches to the press release, including this social media press release platform:

Anything else?
If you were part of the webinar today or you reviewed the slides and resources here and have additional questions, just let me know! Use the comments below to share your additional resources or recommendations as well.

Getting Started with Social Media for Small Enterprises
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