My friend and engaging community leader for all those looking to have fun while improving the world, Britt Bravo, is doing a little experiment and asking a handful of bloggers to write short guest posts about how they have fun and do good.  I’m thrilled to be included in the line-up!

Here’s my guest post: you can read it and join the conversation on Britt’s blog here.


For me, there are lots of ways of having fun and doing good. I have two rules of thumb I use almost always:

#1 Make it interesting

Because there are so many ways to “have fun and do goo” I can fall victim to the option paralysis syndrome. So, to help myself narrow down the options, I look for the ones that aren’t just fun and enjoyable but are also interesting, will use my brain, keep me engaged and even help me learn something new. Those are the things that are most fun to me, anyway! Often this means combining passions, so opportunities that use technology know-how, community or local people (especially new ones to meet), as well as real objectives and goals.

#2 Make it shareable

I also believe that a lot of what we do could be shared, repeated, and even improved upon, but often isn’t because we don’t really share with the world or even our neighbors information about just what we are doing to “do good.” I like to find ways either in real-time, or after a project, to share. This can mean posting photos of our work and ideas, creating a short video interview with those I’m working with, or writing a blog post that documents our process and strategy while also including documents or resources. Sharing is caring, so they say!

With all the ways to have fun and do good, and option paralysis such a real thing in our information-overload-world, I’d love to hear any guidelines others use to help narrow down the choices and concentrate efforts for making the world a better place!

Guest Post: My tips to Have Fun * Do Good
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  • Thanks for sharing how you have fun and do good, Amy!

    • Anonymous

      My pleasure – thanks for inviting me to participate, Britt! It’s a great
      series so far 🙂