I’m excited to say that my panel submission for Jeff Pulzer’s latest conference, BrandsConf, was accepted!  I’m also hoping to find some panelists to join me!  Here are the details:

@BrandsConf is a new event taking place in early December 2010 that will explore the “Humanization of Brands” and the underlying effects this is having on business. [Read more.]

The Changing Face of Nonprofits

My session focuses on the fact that nonprofits, just like businesses and other enterprises, have seen a dramatic impact from the increased use of social media. I’m not talking about more or less fundraising dollars, or new programs – I’m talking about the way social media uses, relies on even, a human face of organizations. Personal profiles, direct communication, authentic conversations. These are all aspects of our work that  have changed dramatically and rapidly.

Session details

  • Conference: @BrandsConf
  • Session: The Changing Face of Nonprofits
  • Date: December 2, 2010
  • Time: TBD, panel sessions only have 15-20 minutes
  • Location: NY, NY – venue TBD

Do you have a story to share?

I’m looking to recruit 2 or 3 panelists to share the stage with me, and share their first hand accounts and examples of the way personal, individual driven social media has impacted, for better or worse, their organizations.  Please keep in mind that our entire session will have only 15-20 minutes so speaking time will be limited.

Want to join me?

If you’re interested in joining my session and are available December 2nd, please leave a comment below with:

  • information about yourself including the nonprofit organization where you work
  • the kinds of experiences you’d be willing to share on the panel

I’ll follow up to determine the best match for the session.  Looking forward to hearing from you!
If you’d rather send an email instead of leaving a comment, that is always okay too!

Looking for panelists – join me for #BrandsConf
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  • Hi Amy!

    I have to say this is a great idea for a panel, and I’d be honored to be considered speaking as a panelist. I am the VP of Marketing and Outreach for ModestNeeds.org, a long-standing non-profit charity that helps normally self-sufficient individuals with one-time unexpected emergencies.

    I was recently hired to spread the word about Modest Needs, and my background is almost exclusively in social media. In this role for Modest Needs I blog, Twitter and update the Facebook page, in addition to my other duties. Since I’ve been hired we seen our engagement increase tenfold online, and I would love to share our story with event goers.

    In fact, we just had a USA Today columnist come to do a story on microphilanthropy about us based on our Twitter activity. So, it’s working!

    Thanks for you consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon.
    Brittney Gilbert
    VP of Marketing & Outreach

    • Anonymous

      Hi Brittney-

      Thanks very much for your interest in participating in my panel! It sounds
      like you have some great examples to share and it would be excellent to have
      you on board 🙂

      Please hold December 2nd on your calendar and let’s connect offline to
      ensure we can showcase your stories as best as possible with the small time
      we have on stage.

      Thanks again, and welcome aboard!

      • Amy, I am so glad to be included on the panel! I’ve got Dec. 2 marked off, and I am really looking forward to it.

        Here’s how you can get in touch: brittney.gilbert@modestneeds.org

        or (212) 463-7042 ext. 18

        Talk to you soon!

  • Anonymous

    5 pm Update: We now have 2 confirmed panelists for the event! Thanks to Brittney of Modest Needs and Laura of Open Society Foundations!

    I’m happy to take one more panelist though, so leave a comment if you’re interested!

  • Hi Amy. I started a personal politically incorrect social media campaign called WTF? (Where’s the Funding) for Lung Cancer? Yes, you get the double-entendre! http://www.wtflungcancer.com/ My mom has Stage IV lung cancer and she has never smoked a day in her life. I used to be a PR manager at an advertising agency, but am now devoting my skills as a journalist, public relations and social media professional (and stubborn and angry daughter) full-time to raise awareness and funding for lung cancer. Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer and the LEAST funded due to the stigma. However, 60% of new lung cancer patients have either NEVER smoked or are former smokers who quit decades ago. Most people do not know you do not have to smoke to get lung cancer. In addition, there is NO early detection method or standard of care and the 5 year-survival rate has remained unchanged for more than 40 years (15.5%). Insane. I started my campaign last year and have a very active and outspoken Facebook community of more than 4,000 and we are really stirring things up. As a result of this community, I am now also Social Media Strategist for the Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation in San Francisco. (I am located in Omaha, Nebraska). We have done a wide variety of campaigns, but the most recent, unfortunately, includes the “Just Like Jill” campaign where 22 year-old Jill Costello, who was coxswain for Cal Crew, died of lung cancer in June. http://www.wtflungcancer.com/jill-costello-december-1-1987-june-24-2010/
    I truly believe Jill is lung cancer’s Ryan White. We livestreamed her funeral services and her event, “Jog for Jill” literally stopped traffic in San Francisco, with more than 5,000 participants. This is the largest lung cancer walk/run event to date.
    I do a lot of hard news on my blog as well, making sure people know where their donations are going and holding companies, organizations, etc. accountable. I am uber passionate about my “WTF?” community and have many stories I can share. The lung cancer community really needed a voice and a place to be heard. Many say WTF? is now providing that for them. I certainly hope so…but I am only getting started. I would be honored to be included on your panel. Thanks for your consideration. Jen

    • Anonymous

      Hey Jennifer-

      Thank you so much for sharing! For some reason your comment never came through and I didn’t receive it until now – I’m so sorry!

      I am so impressed by your story and the campaigning you’ve undertaken. Seriously, I have goosebumps at your passion and impact. The call for presenters for BrandsConf is actually still open and rather than having 2 minutes on my panel I would highly recommend (you can use my name in the submission form if you like!) that you submit your own panel session. The form to do so is right here: http://brands2010.140conf.com/call-for-speakers

      Thank you again and best of luck! I think the BrandsConf crowd totally deserves to hear your story! I’m even going to tweet @JeffPulzer right now to tell him as much 🙂

      Thanks and good luck!

      • Hi Amy. You are so sweet. In fact, I plan to submit to 140conf, but just
        haven’t had the chance to yet. Ahh!! I would so appreciate any kind words
        you could send Jeff’s way. THANK YOU so much for letting me use your name
        as well. That is uber kind!!! I love your work. I love nonprofit work. I
        am right where I belong – even if it is STUPID lung cancer that brought me
        here. Best of luck with your panel and hopefully we can meet in person some
        day soon. Thanks again Amy! Jen

        jennifer stauss windrum

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  • Amy Boroff

    I love that I’ve already learned so much about other non profit professionals and great organizations from this post. I work for the NJ chapter of a worldwide organization, Junior Achievement – through corporate and community partnerships we provide k-12 youth with financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship programs (empowering youth so that they can own their future economic succes)- all fun, hands-on, engaging programs… etc! I am a Development Director (I raise funds for our programs and engage new partners) and embraced social media as soon as I discovered it … I begged, pleaded, and worked really hard to prove the value of “online networking”. As a result, JA has partnered with foundations, businesses, individual donors, in-kind donors, membership organizations and had a great deal of PR (a few “feel good” articles included). There are so many non profit professionals that are dedicated and commited to sharing the stories of their volunteers, educators and supporters -I have no doubt you will find additional panelists. Please contact me if you would like more information – in this ever-changing world of online marketing & social media, I would love to share our success story as well as learn from others!
    Amy Boroff
    Development Director
    Junior Achievement of NJ

    • Anonymous

      Hi Amy-

      Thanks so much for sharing your story here! I would love to have you
      participate on the panel with me and the others and think that your
      perspective from the development role will surely round out the views
      presented in our short time on stage.

      Welcome to the panel! Please reserve December 2nd on your calendar and we
      can gather as a team soon to discuss our session in detail.

      Thanks again!

      • Hi Amy,

        Although a bit delayed in responding, I am very excited to join the panel and am looking forward to December 2nd (officially marked on my calendar)!

        Thank you,

  • Anonymous

    Update: Panel is complete! Thanks to all those who shared their story here – I’m really looking forward to this!

    Others who are interested in showcasing your experiences or sharing your story, I’d love to provide a guest blog series on the topic – please leave a comment indicating your interest, or drop me an email at amy @ amysampleward.org

    Thanks again!