Ivan Boothe posted a link to this story recently on the Progressive Exchange list. It’s been a busy week so I just clicked through today and thought it was an excellent opportunity to start integrating more conversation starters into this blog (as suggested in the Blog Redesign thread).


The article from Spiegel Online International begins:

They may have been dubbed the “Internet generation,” but young people are more interested in their real-world friends than Facebook. New research shows that the majority of children and teenagers are not the Web-savvy digital natives of legend. In fact, many of them don’t even know how to google properly. (Read the full story here.)

It goes on to examine a few ideas and theories about the next generation and their relationship with the Internet. But, before I jump into just what I think, I’d like to open the floor (or the comments as it were) to you!

And, if reading the article isn’t enough to get you talking, here are some conversation starters:

  • Has your organization made strategic decisions or marketing with the expectation that youth are online and plugged in?
  • What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about approaching any age demographic, be it young people or not, with online content?
  • Where are you on the Internet-dependent scale? 🙂
Conversation Starter: Digital Natives Moving Offline
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