Ben Matthews has just announced the launch of CharityComms 2020, an initiative that Bright One has been spearheading in partnership with CharityComms, the professional body for charity communicators.

In Ben’s words:

CharityComms 2020 is a presentation where key figures in charity communications have teamed up to produce a snapshot of the most significant communications trends of the coming decade.

Contributors come from a wide range of well known charities, including Amnesty International, Macmillan Cancer Support, UNICEF, Friends of the Earth, The Scout Association, and many more. There’s also a group of well known influential thinkers who have contributed, including Jonathan Waddingham at JustGiving, Rachel Beer at beautiful world, Steve Bridger and Amy Sample Ward.

I’m flattered to see the quality of contributors that we’ve brought together for this initiative and hope you see this reflected in the quality of the ideas, insights and inspiration contained in the presentation.

Ben asked me to participate in this very fun and insightful project to highlight and share our views of the top 5 trends for the next decade for technology and social media that will impact charity communications. What were my ideas?

  • co-creation – of services, programs, campaigns
  • flatter processes – less hierarchy in organizations, fewer steps in finding information and services
  • portability – moving to the cloud; conversations and content moves seamlessly across platforms
  • privacy and ownership – creative commons and other licensing can’t support all the rules and options we’ll need for the content we’re creating and wanting to won
  • personalization – the more we create and the more we share, the more we expect to shape how we receive and browse

Check out the ideas from everyone that participated – each contributor has a slide in the below show:

Your Invitation

You’re invited to add your own five trends and an accompanying image to the presentation by sending Ben an email and he’ll update as further submissions are received.

What are your five trends you see affecting charity communications in the next 10 years?

Join the conversation by using #cc2020 on Twitter!

Future Trends in Charity Communications #CC2020
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