Earlier this month, I had the great pleasure and honor to lead a webinar with Lori Jacobwith‘s community. It was an introduction to social media, especially focused on what organizations (regardless of size) can start doing today.  I had a bit of fun with it, especially with the pictures on the slides, by using a party metaphor: Social Media for Organizations: Enjoy Your Own Party!

Here are the slides (Hint: visit the slideshare site by clicking on the link below to see the speaking notes as well!)

Questions and Discussion

One question that arose was about communication planning. Aspiration has a great resource that they call the Publishing Matrix. You can check it out, download it, and use for free!  I’ve also blogged before about how to map your community and content.

Participants were also curious to dive in more deeply to the listening dashboard. You can see the public dashboard on nonprofit technology that I have set up at http://netvibes.com/amysampleward.  I also have a step-by-step guide to creating one yourself.

Getting started with social media can be a hurdle for many simply because of the new words, terms, and jargon. As part of the Social by Social handbook, we created a jargon buster and A-Z of terms – could be helpful to participants on this webinar, and to anyone looking to share easy to understand definitions of these new concepts.

If you were a participant on the webinar – what questions do you still have? If you weren’t, but you have questions or ideas to share, please do!

Thanks again to Lori for inviting me to participate and engage with your community – I had a blast at the party 😉

Notes from Webinar: Social Media for Organizations
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  • Amy, I am still getting comments about the session you delivered for our on-line fundraising community. You made it simple and fun for people to take on new aspects of social media. Thank you!!

    • Thanks so much, Lori! I had written a note to myself to share those links with participants – apologies for taking so long to do it! Definitely hope they help.