Last year, using the theme of gratitude and TweetsGiving, Epic Change catalyzed the global community to help build a school in Tanzania. The work they have done with Mama Lucy has been incredible and the school is now serving over 400 children.

For Mother’s Day, Epic Change wants to help Mama Lucy realize another dream – to build a home on campus where in-need children will live. Towards that end, Epic Change has created an online collaborative art project to honor moms across the globe called To Mama With Love. The call-to-action is to create a “heartspace” for a mom you love consisting of words, photos and video.

As Stacey Monk, the founder and CEO of Epic Change, explains:

With, we hope to build this home out of the love we share for moms across the globe.  Just imagine.
According to the LA Times, this year Americans alone will spend $14.6 billion on Mother’s Day.  Imagine if the gifts we gave made the world a better place for children & mamas everywhere.

Here’s mine:

Happy Mother’s Day, mom! (For more love to my mom, check out my Ada Lovelace Day post, too!)

What I Like:

The elements of this campaign that I like are the same ones that Epic Change always gets right:

  1. Time sensitive: Mother’s Day is this Sunday in the US and this campaign creates an easy to understand timeline for participation + real impact
  2. Real Impact: The changes and impact are always real, visible, and important, and Stacey and all those involved do a great, consistent job of sharing the stories of the kids (and Mama Lucy) benefiting.
  3. From the Heart: Just like Tweetsgiving, and everything that Mama Lucy is doing in Tanzania, the To Mama with Love campaign is all from the heart. It’s honest and simple and creates great ways for people to share love and passion for each other (opposed to all those campaigns built on fear or anger).
  4. Real People: Just like the element of real impact, this campaign and Tweetsgiving both succeed because they are created by, benefit, and involve real people, being themselves.  At the end of the day, we are humans. We don’t need to pretend we aren’t.

How You Can Share:

  • Visit to see the heartspaces already popping up on the map from around the world
  • Use #tomamawithlove in Twitter
  • Create a heartspace and share your story! (You can see the one Stacey made here.)
  • Join the streaming conversation! You can connect with others via voice or video on Friday – find out more here!

Thanks so much, Mama Lucy, for all the hard work and dedication you have devoted to the kids and community.  And thank you, to my mom, for all your love!

Show Your Love on Mother’s Day for Your Mom & Mama Lucy
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  • Show your love on Mother’s Day and help build a home in Tanzania! I did – won’t you join me? #tomamawithlove

    • kabissa

      RT @amyrsward: Show your love on Mother’s Day and help build a home in Tanzania! I did – won’t you join me? #tomamawithlove http://bit.l

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  • I love this campaign not only for the fundraising but because it’s a fun arts project online that let’s us all be creative and think about our mom’s. Great post Amy.

  • @eadvocate @TweetsGiving @sanjspatel @StaceyMonk thanks for sharing my #tomamawithlove post!

    • StaceyMonk

      @amyrsward are you kidding? thank you for sharing the love! @MamaLucy, meet @amyrsward she ALWAYS helps @EpicChange – you’ll love her 😉

      • @StaceyMonk aw! @MamaLucy we met in Rotterdam actually – so great to meet you in person & I hope #tomamawithlove helps you share your love

        • StaceyMonk

          @amyrsward if i ever slept i would remember such things before i tweeted, not after 😉 either way, so grateful for you!

          • @StaceyMonk haha – no worries! you and i had met before, so it wasn’t new. Mama and I hadn’t so it always sticks out in my mind 🙂

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