Yesterday, I had the fun opportunity to present a webinar session with Allen Gunn of Aspiration in part of the TechSoup Talks series.  I can’t believe we had to, and managed to, fit everything into just one hour, including questions/answers! There’s really so much to think about when getting started with social media and really, actively listening to the broader community that I’m happy, even if we only had an hour, that we had the chance to start conversations and hopefully provide enough resources for participants to go back to their teams, departments or organizations and start trying!

As social media tools like Twitter and Facebook become core components of nonprofit communication strategies, there is a corresponding need to assess how well programmatic messaging and organizational identity are propagating in those channels: “We Tweet; is anybody listening?”

In addition, nonprofits have an increasing need to know on what blogs, websites and other online venues they and their issues are being mentioned and discussed, both favorably and less favorably.

Our webinar defined the concept of a “social media listening dashboard”, describing how nonprofits can use free and low-cost services to track and stay notified about online communications that relate to their work and brand. We also discussed best practices for coordinating online communications  and specific how-to’s to provide participants with the information they need to get started in their online listening.

If you missed the webinar, that’s okay! Use these links to access the conversation:

Were you on the webinar and have a question that wasn’t answered?  Did you review the links above and have ideas to share, other tools to recommend, or questions you want to ask?  Leave a comment!

Webinar: Social Media Listening Dashboard
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