Running in parallel to the Skoll World Forum, OxfordJam is a three-day event creating a space for the nurturing of social economy and social finance projects the world over. It is a conference in relief, where the focus is on the space and serendipity ‘in-between’. OxfordJam is your event, so come and shape it as you desire.

OxfordJam starts today and runs through Friday. There’s some programming already in place but it’s an event designed to move and mold with those in the room.  And they’re hoping to have some great minds there as the fringe event to Skoll.  I’ll be there all day Friday helping with the social media sessions. Really hope to see you there!

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Nathanniel Whittemore discusses the OxfordJam approach to sessions in OxfordJam and the Birth of Event Ecosystems on

Join me at OxfordJam
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