Tap into the consciousness of social media and remarkable things can happen. That’s how #SOCIALMEDIA NONPROFIT tweet came to be. The Nonprofit Technology Conference is in Atlanta April 8-10 and Beth Kanter and Janet Fouts crowd-sourced a book of tips and tricks for the event.

They blogged and tweeted top nonprofit and social media folks for help. In a week they got quotes in 140 characters or less from over 30 different sources.

After weeding out the self promotions and the duplicates, there were 140 quotes from 28 individuals and some really great tips and tricks. Beth and Janet did a little writing to set the stage, edited a few of the bits that are un-intelligilable to any but the Twitterati (Srsly we needed 2 do that evn tho we luv to tweet) and fine tuned a bit off it before it went to the publisher for copy editing. The team at Happy About had the cover laid out in three days and the copy edits took three more.

Start to finish the entire book was done in 3 weeks! Is that a social media success or what?

Proceeds from the book go to the Nonprofit Technology Network and Janety will be giving away books at the NTC.

Check out #Nonprofit SocialMedia tweet and buy it today!


I’m so excited and honored to be part of this very fun collaborative work.  Janet and Beth had a great idea to open it up and I think the tactic worked really well for them in this situation.  Those of us that saw the calls to contribute via blog and Twitter were given a clear deadline, an easy way to contribute, and quick follow up from Janet with thanks and next steps.  They did a great job and I’m excited to see the book in print!

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