30 Hour Day is a cockamamie scheme concocted by Cami Kaos of Strange Love Live and Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist. The concept? Livestream for 30 hours straight in an effort to raise money for charities like Free Geek, Oregon Food Bank, and Toys for Tots.  Yes these are Portlanders, hoping to fundraise to support local organizations in Oregon (USA), but they are hoping it helps you fundraise wherever you are, too!  That’s the power of livestreaming on the web, or at least the logic here.  With livestreamed content that you can use, too, the 30 Hour Day hopes to get people around the world involved.

I’ll be going on the air at 10 pm PST with my dear friend Marie (@mariadeathstar) in support of an organization that is incredibly important to us: Free Geek (you can see the notes about the birthday fundraising I did last year in support of Free Geek here).

Learn more about how you can get involved in the 30 Hour Day from wherever you are in the world!

30 Hour Day: Livestreaming for Fundraising
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