I’m so honored to be here in Lake Como at the Rockefeller Bellagio Center.  A group of technologists and social entrepreneurs/Ashoka Fellows have gathered here for a 3 day conference to discuss and implement social technology tools into the social impact work for projects around the world.  Day 2 of our event is the International Day of Climate Action so even though we are not in our home towns to take part in local actions, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass.  We gathered together to take a photo on the lake and compile a video about where we are from and how we all are calling for the same thing: strong decisions in Copenhagen for positive change on climate change.  Let’s focus on 350ppm!

Learn more about 350.org and get involved in the Day of Climate Action!

350.org Day of Climate Action: From Lake Como
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  • I was up at Lake Como for a couple of days in 2006 and loved it – one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

    Add in a wonderful cause, and you’ve really got something!