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  • Social Media and Technology: What Nonprofits Need To Know « Nonprofit Communications: Duck Call Blog – I really love the highlights Farra shares from the “Social Media and Technology: What Nonprofits Need To Know" panel she attended yesterday as part of #baruchnp, at Baruch College in New York. The panel had some great minds, including Allison Fine, Andrew Rasiej, and Deanna Zandt. Check out her live tweet stream and the highlights from the conversation.
  • It’s Time to Focus on Volunteers’ Results – – Evan Hochberg has a terrific post on starting an important conversation on what to do about all this focus on volunteering and service. "Government, nonprofit, and business leaders must together help to solve this problem by applying basic principles of supply and demand to volunteering and service. With the renewed national emphasis on volunteerism, we must remember who the customers are. The customers in this case are the communities where we live and work."
  • Craig Newmark: A Nerd’s Take On The Future Of News Media – Craig Newmark, the founder of, has a great post on Huffington Post – it's applicable to all those creating content, sharing news, and pushing information out via online platforms. "There are a lot of new technologies which already affect news consumption and future business models. As a nerd, I'm excited by the new tech, particularly mobile, including new display systems and pervasive connectivity. However, the tech is secondary, not nearly as important as repairing some current issues with trust and curation."
  • 29 Nonprofit Bloggers to Follow on Twitter « Nonprofit Tech 2.0 – I'm so honored to be part of this list! If you are looking for others in the nonprofit technology field to connect with on Twitter or blogs, check it out! "Last week I asked the followers of @NonprofitOrgs to nominate their favorite nonprofit bloggers. The list below is the result of that “Tweet Out”. Some on the list are very known in the nonprofit sector, and others are completely under the radar and providing some very valuable resources to the nonprofit sector."
  • Tech News: How Can Technology Help in Today’s Economy? – "In this online age when people have a multitude of profiles on the Internet, social networking stands out as being the tie that binds, both online and in real-life, professionally and personally. This article will survey social networking, and then show you how you can get the most benefit out of it for your nonprofit organization. Whether your goal is to raise money, increase awareness for your cause, find volunteers or find business contacts, you will have a better understanding of what all the talk is about and how to join the conversation."
  • Generation Thumb – Connections – Steve McLaughlin at Blackbaud has started a great conversation here about the difference in fundraising with Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. I think the differences aren't just important to understand but are so big they can mean campaigns only connect with one group and not others. You can add to the conversation in the comments, too.
Great reads from around the web on October 20th
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