These are some links I wanted to share from October 9th. Find me on Delicious for more!

  • Psychology of Technology: Relationships 2.0: How Technology is Redefining How We Connect | Psychology Today – An interesting read – focusing on the need to incorporate offline interaction in relationships. How does your organization encourage your online supporters/friends/fans to take action offline, together, or to meet with your organization? This kind of behavior could be what solidifies the relationship as a long-term contribution (from both sides). "Of all the areas of life that computer and communications technology seems to be impacting the most is its influence on relationships. Mobile phones, texting, facebook, and Twitter are just a few of the ways in which relationships are being redefined, established, and maintained by technology. We have entered a new era of Relationships 2.0."
  • Giving Anonymously – A non-profit organization facilitating generosity between people – "Giving Anonymously is a non-profit organization facilitating generosity between people. We are a volunteer organization; each of us donates our time without pay to keep Giving Anonymously running. Giving Anonymously began in 2005 with our website up and running in early 2007. We began with a few goals in mind: We wanted to relationally connect people through giving, to make it fun, and in the process protect relationships from feelings of obligation. Giving to others in need can be full of mixed motivations and our hope is to facilitate Pure giving."
  • Report: Getting the message across: practical strategies to help charities change the way stakeholders see them – Free report from nfpSynergy: Getting the message across: practical strategies to help charities change the way stakeholders see them. "The general public hold all kinds of inaccurate stereotypes about the way charities work. Our featured report this time looks at how charities can combat those stereotypes, with practical ways to communicate a message of effectiveness to the public."
  • New Fundraising Tool for Your Cause: Donor Choices – Causes Exchange Blog – Have you used Facebook's Causes application at your organization either as part of a campaign or general awareness/fund raising? Well, hear from the Causes blog about their new feature called Donor Choices: "Donor Choices allows your nonprofit to designate price points at which members of your cause can donate and modifies your donation page to display those options."
  • Third sector infrastructure organisations Social Media Map – RSS Feed – TALK Project – TALK – This is SO cool! I love maps, and I love RSS – and here's a combination! TALK is mapping all of the 3rd sector infrastructure organizations currently using social media: "Where in the UK are third sector infrastructure organisations using Social Media? You tell us, we add to the map." And, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of submissions! Check it out.
Great reads from around the web on October 9th
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  • I love it when you catch me up on things I haven’t been paying attention to for a bit! Did I hear you were coming on board for TweetsGiving? Hope all is well with you.

  • Hi Sharon-

    Am so glad you like the round-ups 🙂 The web is a fascinating place!

    NetSquared is a TweetsGiving partner and we hope to help Net Tuesday organizers host events around the world 🙂