These are some links I wanted to share from September 15th. Find me on Delicious for more!

  • Gumtree 1, dating company 0 | Under the Gumtree – Gumtree recently came out victorious over some scam/spammers misusing the site (Gumtree is similar to Craigslist or other online marketplaces). This post shows a great example of being transparent with your community, and taking advantage of bad situations to build trust, and reinforce the avenues for helping keep the site safe. This example can be applied to many situations, whether it's malicious comments on a blog, bad behavior in a forum, etc.
  • Introducing Tactical Philanthropy Advisors | Tactical Philanthropy – If you don't read Tactical Philanthropy, the blog from Sean Stannard-Stockton, you should. And now, he's going to be applying and grounding many of the ideas he has shared on the blog and conversations that have emerged there in Tactical Philanthropy Advisors, to provide comprehensive, ongoing advisory services for clients with $1 million to $50 million or more in philanthropic assets.
  • The Three Branches of We.Gov | techPresident – "There’s a very interesting confluence of conversations taking place at the moment on the topic of how technology is changing politics. One is on the idea of government 2.0, or government-as-a-platform. The second is on whether the net is better for campaigning than governing. And the third is on what happens when you open up the process with real-time transparency. Let me see if I can combine the threads."
  • Ask our Giving Guru: Katya Andresen on the 6 most miserable mistakes of social marketing – "Giving Guru Katya Andresen serves as Chief Operating Officer of Network for Good and is a well-known speaker, author and blogger about nonprofit marketing, online outreach, fundraising and social media. She has trained thousands of causes in effective marketing and media relations, and her marketing materials for nonprofits have won national and international awards. Katya will be available to answer your questions about social media for nonprofits on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at 1 EST. Submit your question in the comments of this post, or check out the many ways to ask our Giving Gurus."
  • Social Media is Slowly Changing the Demographics of Political Engagement – "According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, online users with a higher income are still far more likely to participate in political activities online than those with lower incomes. At the same time, though, the Pew study also sees some hints that new forms of civic engagement through social media services could soon change this pattern."
Great reads from around the web on September 15th
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