These are some links I wanted to share from August 5th. Find me on Delicious for more!

  • Have Fun • Do Good: Community Funded Reporting: Interview with David Cohn of – "You cannot run a community if you're not informed. Journalism is really the act of informing communities so that they can make better decisions, that is part of the public service, informing communities so that together we can know where else we need to help."–David Cohn, Founder, Read the full interview with him on Britt's blog!
  • Full Circle Associates » How I use social media – Here is a great post from Nancy White discussing how she uses social media. Just like the other link tagged recently with the "day in the life" of Danielle Brigida, I love "case studies" that share how individuals "really" use the platforms and tools and strategies – moving from the theoretical or abstract down to the practical application.
  • Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: Guest Post by Michael Sola: A Day of the Life of NWF’s Social Media Outreach Coordinator Danielle Brigida – This is a terrific guest post over on Beth Kanter's blog follow a "day in the life" of my friend, and social media for nonprofits rockstar, Danielle Brigida! I love case studies of this kind because it puts all of the abstract ideas and recommendations into a realistic context. What do you think?
  • Delicious Reborn as Real Time News Tracker – Are you a Delicious user? Do you ever check out the homepage? Their new updates may ensure that answer is a "yes!". Marshall Kirkpatrick explains: "Yahoo's social bookmarking service Delicious launched a new home page this morning, combining recent tagging activity and cross-referenced links on Twitter to deliver what it calls the hottest news from around the web in real time. While the exact formula behind the front page remains unclear, its contents are clearly changing minute by minute. It's something the site probably should have done awhile ago and if done correctly could make other services, like Digg, look all the more behind the times."
  • Free Social Media Marketing Checklist | 299 Steps to Website Heaven – Nikki Pilkington has improved the Social Media Marketing list originally posted by Chris Brogan – this is a terrific example of how to break down what can be an overwhelming daily gauntlet of social media use. Don't feel obligated to use this as an exact checklist (by the numbers) but use it help craft what is most appropriate for your online interactions.
Great reads from around the web on August 5th
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