These are some links I wanted to share from July 17th. Find me on Delicious for more!

  • Launches Social Media Preparedness Initiative – "The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Ready Campaign, in partnership with The Advertising Council, is introducing a series of new social media tools today to further engage Americans in taking steps to prepare for emergencies. The initiative is an extension of Resolve to be Ready in 2009, a nationwide effort designed to encourage individuals, families, businesses and communities to take action and prepare for emergencies in 2009. The social media tools will engage Americans in taking the three simple steps communicated in the Ready Campaign: (1) Get an emergency supply kit; (2) Make a family emergency plan; and (3) Be informed about the types of emergencies that can happen in your area and their appropriate responses."
  • Twitter Search in Plain English – Common Craft – Our Product is Explanation – You may have seen some of my recent blog posts about Twitter-based chats, like #4Change and #NPCons and you might have also been really lost/confused about the # or how Twitter search was involved in the conversation. Well, as always, Common Craft have created a video to help explain it "in Plain English." Check it out and be sure to share it with others who may be just as confused as you once were! 🙂
  • Social change takes more than social media | Rootwork – If you don't read the Rootwork blog already, you should. Here's a great post from Ivan Booth who picked up on a question Joe Solomon posed on the NetSquared blog recently. It's a thought-provoking, and hopefully conversation-starting piece! "…Too many nonprofits have no social change theory at all; indeed they're more interested in self-perpetuation than winning."
  • Viral Video for Nonprofits – A Rethinking – Thinking about creating a "viral video" for your organization's project or campaign? Take a look at this terrific post from Michael Hoffman at See3. "Where you should start with online video is to make a commitment to using this new medium to connect people to your work."
  • SocialEarth: Video launched – "Welcome to SocialEarth:Video, the video library from SocialEarth. SocialEarth:Video is a rich media channel featuring over a hundred videos which cover an array of issues within the social entrepreneurship field."
Great reads from around the web on July 17th
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