We operate best together.

Working from this premise, this travel documentary project seeks to answer the question:

How is global social change made where media, technology and creative people meet?

Through blog posts, photos and web video, Morgan Sully, will document the stories of creative, innovative communities found in European galleries, international events, meetups, barcamps, fabrication labs, and innovation competitions.

I want to learn and ’share back’ as much as possible so that other groups doing similar things can do it together.

Other key questions include:

  • How is community-based innovation related to economic development?
  • How do artists, entrepreneurs and other ‘creatives’ support themselves doing the work they do?
  • How do creative communities, spaces and networks support and sustain innovation?

After a generous grant from the Center For Digital Storytelling, Morgan has already gotten his ticket over and is looking for further funding (in between working on some other, paying web projects) to support the trip.

Want to help Morgan do this?  Here’s how (in order of importance):

  1. Make a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign now.
  2. Share this post with anyone you know
  3. Write to him! – Let Morgan know of any cool places worth checking out in England, Holland or Norway. And of course, you can just write to say hello, too!
  4. Tweet about it: (using this link: http://bit.ly/3Y50fV)
  5. Blog about the project (you can even grab a widget for your blog post)
  6. Share the campaign on Facebook
  7. Join the We Operate Best Together Facebook Fan page

And of course read more about the project here: http://travel.memeshift.com

Morgan Sully believes We Operate Better Together
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  • Amy! This is awesome! Thank you so much. Simple blogging about other folks causes is like making a donation, except it’s open and on the web.

    thank you so much!

    If this project takes off (and I’m feeling pretty good about it) it could channel in to other projects. What if this project became a pilot to send other change makers around the world to document and connect media arts, nptech communities and best practices to each other? Traveling fellowships?

    Already had some great conversations with my local college about possibly developing a curriculum around my project or even getting pulled in to do workshop assistance on broadcast journalism classes.

    totally exciting. When I get the dates I’ll be in London down, I’ll message you.


  • Morgan – I’m so happy to spread the word for you and hopefully get some support for the project! I’m excited to hear all that’s in the works around this, especially the opportunity to turn it into a fellowship program – really great.

    I’ll do my best to keep readers here updated on your trip, too!

    Thanks for adding more details