An economy deep in recession, ever increasing demands on our public services and trust in our political system at an all time low. We face an unprecedented set of challenges: how can we punch through the gloom?

Instead of more pessimism, at this one-day event on 6 July, we ask you to work together with fresh ideas to Reboot Britain.

How can we take advantage of the radically networked digital world we now live in to help revive our economy, rebuild our democratic structures and improve public services?

Confirmed speakers include Martha Lane-Fox, Gillian Tett (author of Fools Gold), Howard Rheingold,Charles Leadbeater, Craig Newmark (craigslist), Sir Michael Bichard (Design Council and Institute for Government), Jon Gisby/Daniel Heaf (Channel 4), Paul Miller (School of Everything), Alan Moore (SMLXL), Lee Bryant (Headshift), Julie Meyer (Ariadne Capital), Andy Hobsbawn (Do the Green Thing), Jon Watts (MTM London), Jeff Saperstein (Creating Regional Wealth), Jim Schuyler (CTO to the Dalai Lama), MT Rainey (Horsesmouth)

New speakers are being added daily. Check out for more.

Over 350 people have registered for Reboot Britain so far.  If you haven’t already registered you can do so here (Tickets are been priced according to your ability to pay.)

As well as the formal sessions we have a Reboot Camp taking place simultaneously across the venue which include the following:

  • Demos present their Progressive Conservatism thinking for public services.
  • How are we going to manage doing more for less?
  • Learning Without Frontiers: How technology is changing cognitive development, and redesigning our schools for the new age
  • WeBank host a peer-to-peer session on new models for lending and borrowing, using Zopa as a case study showing how quickly you can lend or borrow without the middleman

Other sessions include:

  • Innovation Live – Stan Stalnaker, Hub Culture
  • Social Innovation Camp Express
  • Tim Davies – 50 small hurdles that prevent public bodies from unlocking their knowledge
  • Elevator Pitches – online democracy, transparency and participation tools
  • Conversing with local government at grassroots level- Hyperlocality and active citizenship
  • The Stalemate – where next for the media and politics?
  • The future of public service media
  • Social x Social
  • Busting the Silos – opening organizations for growth
  • Practical examples of new financial instruments

I can’t wait for this event! I will be there, blogging and Tweeting; and will also be facilitating the Social by Social game session!  If you are in London on July 6th, definitely check this out.  If you aren’t, well, be sure to follow the blog or my twitter account for udpates at the event!

I’m going to Reboot Britain, are you?
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  • JD

    Oh, and that odd JD Lasica character will be speaking at a couple of sessions.

  • He surely is 🙂 Looking forward to hanging with the Traveling Geeks!