These are some links I wanted to share from June 12th. Find me on Delicious for more!

  • Case Study: World Vision’s ‘Week For Children’ | Bright One – Check out this case study of World Vision's "Week for Children" – World Vision is a UK charity, and this case study discusses the use of various social media tools (include Facebook, Flickr, Yoube, Twitter, and Blogs) for the Week for Children campaign.
  • 50% of British Foundations Plan To Decrease Giving – – "According to a survey of 92 grant makers by the Association of Charitable Foundations, a London group that represents about 300 charitable funds, 51 percent said they will reduce their giving, 39 percent said it would remain the same, and 10 percent said it would increase."
  • Knowledge Wiki Workshop – I really wish I could go to this event and hope there are some tweets, blogs, or videos we can follow online to get a peak into the conversations. "The wiki: a good tool for organisational knowledge management?" How can we best capture and organise the knowledge assets of an organisation, make them widely available to everyone who needs access, and keep them fresh and current? From filing cabinets to electronic document management systems, there has been no shortage of solutions, but many have been experienced as too costly, too complex to manage easily, and hard to make accessible across the enterprise."
  • Charitable Giving Declines, a New Report Finds – – "Charitable giving fell last year by the largest percentage in five decades, according to a new study by the Giving USA Foundation."
  • American Open – GlobalGiving – "The American Open is a great opportunity for new projects, based and working in the United States, to join the GlobalGiving community. Through the American Open Challenge – which runs from June 8 – 30th, projects will use the GlobalGiving platform to raise at least $4,000 from 50 donors. If they are successful, they will earn a "permanent" spot on the GlobalGiving website, enabling them to continue to leverage new donor networks, technology, and partner relationships, and expand their fundraising presence online."
Great reads from around the web on June 12th
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  • Thanks for the link love Amy!

    Adding you to my Delicious network as we speak…

  • Thanks, Ben – my pleasure! I love sharing case studies of online campaigns; I think other people, organizations, and so on can understand the tools and strategies so much easier when they are in a specific context.

    Thanks for the great write up!