These are some links I wanted to share from May 20th. Find me on Delicious for more!

  • Join us in a UK hyperlocal alliance… « Talk About Local (alpha) – Will Perrin is on a mission to engage and convene localities via the web. "After running successful community websites in London's challenging Kings Cross I wanted to help other communities achieve the same sense of empowerment and communication. So i quit my job and set up Talk About Local to bring locally created and locally owned websites to communities across the country."
  • Flickr Photo Download: Twitter trending topics – Anatomy of a hashtag as trending topic from Meg Pickard on Flickr. If you like charts for understanding trending and relationships, this is a great one!
  • #charitytuesday is your charity taking part on Tuesdays? – Are you on Twitter? Have you seen hashtags (#) being used and curious what they mean – maybe for #FollowFriday for example. Well, #CharityTuesday was started as a way of creating visibility for orgs using Twitter, get them talking to each other instead of just broadcasting information, and more. Learn more here.
  • The Current Nonprofit Landscape: "We are all in this together" – Are you a nonprofit or foundation in Portland/Oregon? "It is not much of an exaggeration to observe that the downturn in the economy presents unprecedented challenges in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. This is an uncharted landscape for us all. There have been efforts across the field to gather data about the impact and outlook for nonprofits and funders alike. This joint program is developed to help ensure we are working from the same assumptions and telling the same story. The goal is for funders and nonprofits to explore strategies and share solutions for the future. This program is a chance for us to gather as a community, learn from one another and move forward together."
  • DemocracyInAction Green Grants – DemocracyInAction Green Empowers grants provide organizations with the Salsa platform for free. Apply by filling out the application on their site. If you looking for a tool for free, could be worth checking out.
Great reads from around the web on May 20th
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